clamp sizes

The Grackleglobal Rapid Response Clamp is supplied in four standard widths of 70, 148, 210 and 272mm ( 2.75″, 5.6″, 8.25″ and 10.7″ ), and in five standard diameter steps from 38mm ( 1.5″ ) to 930mm ( 36.6″ )
Larger diameters are available on request.


Nitrile standard seal suits 90% of applications. Suitable for a wide range of fuels and chemicals to 115C. Also suitable for potable water

instructions for use

The Grackleglobal Rapid Response Clamp is fully self contained and is designed to be operated by one person with no requirement for additional tools.
Extensive evaluation by personnel from Damage Control / Combat Survivability arms of the Australian, Canadian and US Navies as well as leading mining, oil and gas and chemical companies has shown that within a few uses, the VPG Rapid Response Clamp can be applied 5-6 times faster than Jubilee or Banding type patches with less leakage.


The Grackleglobal Rapid Response Clamp is manufactured and distributed globally under an exclusive licence granted by the Commonwealth of Australia represented by The Defence Science and Technology of The Department Of Defence.
The intellectual property in the clamp is covered under International Patent


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